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You Talkin’ to Me? — Most Famous Improvised Moments

The folks at Geeks of Doom (“Fear Them!”) have compiled a bunch of clips covering 25 improvised, or as they put it, “unscripted” sequences in iconic films that might surprise you.

It’s no shocker that Bill Murray improvised sections of Caddyshack, but what about Robert De Niro’s “you talkin’ to me?” speech from Taxi Driver, or Jack Nicholson’s “Heeeeeer’s Johnny!” from The Shining, or Heath Ledger’s reactions to a series of explosions in The Dark Knight?

See it here.

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Wheeler Winston Dixon, Ryan Professor of Film Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is an internationally recognized scholar and writer of film history, theory and criticism. He is the author of thirty books and more than 100 articles on film, and appears regularly in national media outlets discussing film and culture trends. Frame by Frame is a collection of his thoughts on a number of those topics. All comments by Dixon on this blog are his own opinions.

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