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Rolling Stones Newsreel from 1964

Here’s a really interesting British newsreel from January 10, 1964 – “Rolling Stones Gather Moss” – documenting a very early ABC cinema concert in Hull, Humberside by The Rolling Stones, when they were still good — and Brian Jones was alive — as photographed by British Pathé News. What’s interesting about this document is that:

*it’s photographed in color, a rare luxury for newsreels of the time;

*it was shot silent, with sound added later; the Stones perform Chuck Berry’s Around and Around, but it’s simply being lip-synced to the existing pre-recorded track; you can clearly hear Ian Stewart’s piano in the mix, and all of the crowd noises and screams are also post-synced;

*the whole film was shot by one cameraman, with one assistant;

*it offers a view of an England that’s long since vanished.

You can view it here; make sure to click on the appropriate button to make the image fullscreen.

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